What do clients value most about financial planning?

Griffith University is updating research on the benefits of financial planning for clients, to highlight the reasons that clients stay with the planner over the short/long term and the value that they get from establishing and maintaining a relationship with their financial planner.

If you are client of a financial planner, or run a financial planning business and would like to forward the survey on to your clients, the link to this 5 minutes survey can be found below.

The survey is completely anonymous and voluntary. 

The research will highlight the benefits of financial planning from the clients’ perspectives, and map the mix of reasons that clients maintain a relationship with their planner.

The survey will close on 30 November 2015

Please click here to take part.

Thank you for your potential input and assistance, a large response will give us greater detail and evidence of the value of financial planning for clients.

If you would like a preview of the questions, please email [email protected] for a PDF. copy.

A report will be publicly available early in 2016.

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