Will graduates meet the demands of financial planning businesses of the future?

As a panelist in this recent webinar, I had the opportunity to listen to other insightful presenters including successful business owners and academics. It reinforced the importance of a balanced business approach to the sustainable recruitment of both experienced and graduate staff. Not just today, but well into the future.

In such a difficult environment, academia are working hard to ensure they educate and nurture capable, future ready people. I have some strong opinions regarding the future of the industry and insights we are happy to share in support of businesses recruitment effort.

My short answer to the headline above is “yes they can” and they will be the future of the profession (Like many reading this article were as young men and women). As a business, how you position, attract and assess appropriate individuals is key.

Thank you to the Wiley team for inviting me to participate and hope my contribution added value to the audience.


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