At Zanetti Recruitment & Consulting, our deep knowledge of the industries and professions we support ensure we guide you to obtain the best outcome.

Our approach is to use our understanding and place clients and candidates at the heart of everything we do.

Financial Planning

The industry is continually undergoing major changes in response to regulatory pressures, educational requirements, the shifting demands of investors and affordability of advice. As it progresses toward becoming a profession, these requirements are also presenting new opportunities for individuals and organisations to compete.


Continued consolidation and wholesale exits, political and regulatory influence, duration of claims increasing and investment in process efficiency all create challenge and opportunity.  Intermediary distribution still has an important part to play.  The underinsurance problem in Australia with not improve without education and advice from government, the industry, superannuation and financial planning.

Funds Management

As an important equation to delivering return for Australians, this highly competitive space requires the sharpest minds and talented business development professionals. Continual evolution of product development drives new and continuous solutions. Staff need to have an in depth understanding of the demographics and linkages between financial theory, sales and market, technological development, and a fluid regulatory environment.


The industry is critical for the majority of Australian’s financial security in retirement.  Consolidation over the next 10 years will drive cost lower therefore greater return to members and deeper opportunity for investment that drives member returns and employment in Australia.


We work with well-established and professional firms within SE Qld where we remain relationship driven. With an emphasis on service, we pride ourselves on providing a discreet and ethical approach to recruitment. With commercial accounting roles, Zanetti Recruitment & Consulting and Axiom Accounting Recruitment is driven with an emphasis on keeping abreast of trends and providing quality outcomes.

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