Two important questions about your job!

Two important questions about your job!

Am I adding value?

Do I feel valued?

A business leader of a large listed entity recently shared with me: “over the last 22 years, these are the questions I regularly asks myself about the role I perform”.

By asking these two questions on a periodic basis, he has always ensured his career and personal satisfaction levels are on track.

If the answer was ever “no” to either question, then he’d reflect on the reasons why. He’d then address the matter within his organisation to improve the situation or he’d consider alternative options.

He has only moved companies twice in 22 years. But within these businesses, he’s had numerous roles, new challenges, new learning, renewed enthusiasm, career fulfillment and a successful career.

Life is simple, not always easy

Can his process and outcomes be this simple? What would be the additional “digging” questions he asked of himself in this process and what did he do about it? I haven’t had the chance to ask him yet. But I image it could include:

Am I contributing to achieve the KPI’s I’d committed to? Am I offering value to the business and people I lead? Am I offering my full potential? Are my clients genuinely getting value from me? Does my direct manager value my contribution and if not, why not? Do I get out of bed every morning looking forward to the day ahead? How important is career progression? Am I developing my skills in the direction I want to?

In my travels I’ve always found that most successful people turn complexity into simplicity. So I reflected on my own career.

What did I do and did I ask myself these questions?

No, not these two questions specifically.

Reflecting on his words helped me realise that when I had clarity of purpose, made conscious decisions and respectfully confronted challenging situations head on, there was always growth and fulfillment. These were the times I felt invigorated and enjoyed what I did most.

Ask yourself the right questions, reflect and take action.

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