The Power of the Word

The Power of the Word

Can a single word make a difference?

 Research reveals a single word makes all the difference. Kevin Lee in SocialBuffer, highlights, “you likely know inherently that specific words matter. You click on a headline because a single word strikes you. You click a signup button because a word creates an emotion”.

Whether you are converting customers, getting your employer’s attention, or refining your linked-in profile — a word has the power to change the meaning & the outcome that you may be trying to achieve. The attached article, The Top 10 Overused Words in Resumes targets words used in resumes, which had me thinking about how these words could be applied more broadly to focus on having a more productive discussion, specifically with improving your performance discussions & articulating your achievements to your current or future boss.

The Top 10 words that stand out are action words that describe ‘what’ you have accomplished, for example, using the words: created, increased, reduced, improved, developed, researched, accomplished. These words are more powerful particularly followed by specific, measurable outcomes, that ‘describe’ & also ‘quantify’ your achievements. A conversation that validates your ability takes a broad headline statement such as “I am creative”, to a specific achievement that is meaningful & demonstrates your ability, such as “I created abc which resulted in xzy”.

Reflect on your own discussions & how you articulate your achievements in the workplace. Could these words make a difference to the outcome, or assist you to confidently articulate the value you bring to the team?

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