Selling a dummy!

Selling a dummy!

Selling the dummy on a rugby field can work a treat, doing it to a potential quality employee will feel like you’ve been blindsided by a flanker!

Too often we meet both business owners and candidates who have a challenging story to tell about why a new employment relationship didn’t work out and the subsequent disaster.

Dummy, swerve and fend………..but no try scored!

I heard a quote the other day: there are three sides to every story —yours, mine and the truth.

Maybe it lay somewhere in between.

Employers — Ensure your offer to new team members is well considered, structured, real and clear from the start. Moving the goal posts early or not delivering on a commitment will create a rift in any relationship……it’s all about trust. Otherwise it WILL end in disaster.

Candidates — As an employee, ensure you complete as much due diligence as possible about the business and role. Be real in what you have achieved and share this confidently and with clarity, no embellishment.

Core Message

As you may have heard us say before:

Hire with purpose and manage out with consideration”

Take the time to truly assess the individuals behaviours, desires and skills.

Give the candidate the opportunity to understand the culture of the business, expectations and structure.

A great outcome may exist where knowledge of each other is known even before the first ever employment interview. You and the candidate generally cannot get the best sense of each other during 2 short interviews followed by an offer!

But hiring slow creates another challenge in the eyes of small business owners and hiring managers! The hire slow methodology is great in theory but many businesses say they can’t carry the extra workload for months on end without an adverse consequence on staff morale and quality client experience.

Read “Why Recruiting for Small Business Sucks” if you want more of the methodology and tools to succeed in your own recruitment effort.

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