Play well with others in the workplace: Develop Effective Work Relationships

Play well with others in the workplace: Develop Effective Work Relationships

Regardless of your job or your workplace, dealing with people effectively is a must for success.

How important are effective work relationships?

I have spoken with people recently that aren’t enjoying working with particular team members in their current business, and this is playing a significant part in their decision making process to either remain within the business or look for alternative employment.

I came across an article that tackles this very topic. Take a read through the following 7 Action steps outlined in this article & see which one(s)resonate with you. There may even be one or two that you can reflect on in your own actions.

3 stand out for me:

  1. Bring suggested solutions with the problems to the meeting table.Identifying problems is the easy part, thoughtful solutions will earn respect.
  2. Don’t play the blame game. Whilst it is important to recognise how the problem occurred & learn from this, not taking responsibility or purposefully seeking someone else to ‘blame’ is not helpful.
  3. Help other employees find their greatness. Every employee has a talent, skills & experience, harness their best abilities, everyone benefits!

Share your experience & learnings. What tips do you have for ‘playing well with others and developing effective work relationships’?

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