Balancing Festivity & Responsibility: Employer Guidelines for a Successful Christmas Party

As the holiday season approaches, the annual Christmas party is something that many of your staff eagerly look forward to. While a time for celebration and an opportunity to socialise with colleagues, employers must be mindful of potential legal risks associated with these gatherings. Alcohol mixed with a festive atmosphere can increase the likelihood of […]

Why we used a recruitment consultant to staff our recruitment firm

We recently employed a new staff member (thrilled to welcome Teegan Watson into the team) and Ben and I made the decision to engage an external Recruitment Consultant to support our process. This may seem somewhat counter intuitive as we are a recruitment firm! But it makes sense for a number of reasons.  We thought […]

The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same

True when the phrase was first coined in the 1800’s by Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr and still true today. The Richest Man in Babylon written in the 1920’s leverages 4000-year-old parables that are still relevant. And now after 35 years of exposure to the financial services industry, I find within significant change, certain principles still hold […]

Will graduates meet the demands of financial planning businesses of the future?

As a panelist in this recent webinar, I had the opportunity to listen to other insightful presenters including successful business owners and academics. It reinforced the importance of a balanced business approach to the sustainable recruitment of both experienced and graduate staff. Not just today, but well into the future. In such a difficult environment, […]

To a Brighter Future

We felt it appropriate to share some observations that could be of value. We have been hugely encouraged by conversations with our clients and the selfless behaviour of many in the community. There is a lot of good coming from difficulties if we look for it. The new world is interesting and uncertain. What is […]

Remove all conflicts of Interest? You’re Dreamin’​!

It is unfortunately too easy to find trade press reflecting the wrong-doing of an individual or organisation in the financial markets. Should the nature of any indiscretion or activity be measured by degrees, or is it outright fraudulent? Is being ignorant of “Best Interest Duty or Reasonable Basis” any better than knowingly disrespecting this lawful […]

Scarcity of Experienced Financial Planning Talent – It’s Coming

If you think it’s already here, there’s a way to go! The proposed educational changes (new and existing authorised reps – AR’s) have been introduced to Parliament. Turnbull has also weighed into the discuss. Over the last 12+ months, change has already begun with many licensees moving to minimum education standards that mirror proposals for the authorising of […]

Privacy Rights – The Job Seeker Unknown

In the search for a new role, your privacy and how you’re represented to a potential employer are paramount. But rarely does anyone read an agency’s privacy policy prior to engagement. And why should they? There is enough regulation and precedent in the Australian market……right? Wrong!  Although agencies operate under the same legislative framework as […]

Company Reviews: Perception vs Reality: Online Reputation and Recruitment

I recently came across the below image shared by James Tiew, Executive Chef at Hilton Worldwide. Firstly, it is a fantastic advertising image that put a smile on my face by using a subjectively negative experience of an individual to potentially create new business. After pondering on the statement, it also hit a nerve about […]

Proposed Educational Standards – Three simple questions Financial Planners should ask

We’ve seen all the trade press citing 60% of advisers not having the educational minimums under the proposed federal government framework. I agree many will embrace change. Some begrudgingly. Whether the legislation and creation of the independent body is enacted or not prior to the next federal election, the industry has moved. What will be […]

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