Career Choices – Always focus on the long term

If you have a genuine interest in your connections and share meaningful info (something to share that is valuable to others) then what a tool we have.

So let me show you how it works!

Click here for an article by Lou Adler; I find his material always insightful and worthy of sharing with connections. My take on what Lou is saying here, is we should always focus on the medium to long term with our own career choices, not just the immediate impact (either positive or negative reasons).

As a candidate, to leave a role because you’re unhappy and without due consideration of the impact could be a short term fix – like a drug habit.

Will it be any better at your new employer? What is the perception of multiple short term roles on your future employment prospects?

Sometimes change is necessary or inevitable (e.g. your role is made redundant or an untenable professional relationship). Couple this with the seduction of rhetoric of far better options and the outcome may not be in your best interest.

As a business owner or hiring manager, there is good leaning in this article for you too. Well considered candidates want to know more detail and will make a judgement call on the role based on sufficient information and understanding, no matter how junior or senior.

Start with the end in mind otherwise a hasty decision in many cases will end poorly.

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