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Company Reviews: Perception vs Reality:  Online Reputation and Recruitment

Company Reviews: Perception vs Reality: Online Reputation and Recruitment

I recently came across the image above shared by James Tiew, Executive Chef at Hilton Worldwide. Firstly, it is a fantastic advertising image that put a smile on my face by using a subjectively negative experience of an individual to potentially create new business. After pondering on the statement, it also hit a nerve about a recent trend we see in employment around online company reviews and the effect that technology can have on attracting top-tier talent.   The Experience Recently, we engaged with a fantastic individual who we supported though the recruitment process with a large, well-known financial planning firm.  After a month with all parties managing the due process, the candidate was made a verbal offer. The bell was rung at the office – the process undertaken was sound, the offer compelling and the client and new employee were very happy with the outcome. Having then issued the formal offer, a couple of days passed without any contact from the candidate to either ourselves or our client, so an outbound call was made. To our surprise, the candidate had decided to decline the offer.  After respectfully digging further, they advised that they’d found a number of poor online company reviews on one website and believed it wasn’t the right move for their career to go to “such a company”. After investigation of the online reviews, most were 5 star, with three representing 1 star reviews (all the same theme). After internal debate, we decided this matter should be discussed with our client.  The main purpose was to let them know exactly why they had missed out on a...