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We felt it appropriate to share some observations that could be of value. We have been hugely encouraged by conversations with our clients and the selfless behaviour of many in the community. There is a lot of good coming from difficulties if we look for it. The new world is interesting and uncertain. What is certain is that we will “come out the other side” and without being too philosophical, there will be much learning for the better!! The narrative has clearly now moved from sensationalism and hysteria (taking advantage of the uncertainty) to greater understanding, acceptance and education of how to successfully navigate troubled waters. Having worked closely with many clients over the last 5 weeks, the mood is considered but confident. Some delays in recruitment while others are still filling critical roles with all businesses progressively planning for the future. In summary, strong businesses are saying their strategy is responding to the current environment but still having the same focus/goal. Having personally reflected on experiences post 9/11 and the GFC, it seems most businesses have learnt a lot from history also.   Keeping Powder Dry – Most businesses are very well placed to manage through this period of uncertainty. Many have restructured fees to lessen the impact during a market downturn. We get the sense they have strong balance sheets and are doing all they can to keep staff employed. We are still being engaged to fill critical roles. Others want to progress the candidate assessment process with a start date post June and yet others have pulled up the reigns. What is encouraging is their business... read more