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“Unique to our business is the fact that all of our consultants come from the financial services industry, with many years’ experience.”


By tapping into our networks. We have strong, solid relationships which allow us to speak directly to the decision makers (in most cases). We can make introductions for you with other strong hiring managers or senior people for mentoring and guidance. We see your relationship as long term and more than just a pay check.

We are personal our Personnel Consultants are extremely selectful about who we bring into our offices to interview. We don’t want to waste your time and as such we only interview a very small number of candidates for any one role. If, at the end of this meeting you decide you would like us to represent you we can ensure you that we are reliable and you are a priority -we will stay in regular contact.

We are trustworthy and we want to talk to you at length as we are genuinely interested in who you are, your skills and your career aspirations. We will keep your details confidential and only disclose them with your permission.

We like to get to know you personally. We take an informal interview approach and avail you the comfort to be open and honest with us.

We are committed to understanding your skills, strengths, goals and aspirations. We are not looking to help you find your next role, we are looking to support you to maintain momentum to help you achieve your career goals. We offer personal attention and a dedication to ensuring positive outcomes.

We prepare a Candidate Profile that details:

  • your resume
  • a skills assessment – for more information, visit our Questionnaire page
  • your strengths
  • background checks performed on request of the client
  • psychometric and other testing performed on request of the client

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“ZRC – where art and science meet to provide a great employment outcome.”