Why Recruitment for Small Business Sucks – The reason why it can be challenging!

Small business has many challenges. The greatest one we experience is the attraction & retention of the right people. As a business owner (and also engaged to support businesses to source culturally aligned competent staff) I know it can be a roller coaster ride. Some think it’s best defined as an art wrapped in some […]

Why Recruitment for Small Business Sucks – Part 2

Some weeks ago I posted the recruitment experience of a small business owner. There were some common themes that came from his experience. Losing a staff member without a resourcing plan created an urgency to replace the resource before it has an impact on client service, productivity and team morale. Speed to market to replace […]

Career Choices – Always focus on the long term

If you have a genuine interest in your connections and share meaningful info (something to share that is valuable to others) then what a tool we have. So let me show you how it works! Click here for an article by Lou Adler; I find his material always insightful and worthy of sharing with connections. My […]

Skills & Experience v Attitude, Attributes & Ability to Learn

All businesses consider hiring the best people a priority. Most managers tend to be conservative and hire for the short-term, emphasizing skills and experience over performance and potential. So what’s the problem with focussing on a specific set of skills and experience?  Being too rigid on skills and experience can make you miss out on […]


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How to gain value from performance reviews

It’s that time of year again – whether it be a half yearly or annual performance review, ‘the’ discussion is nearing. Some managers see this as nothing more than a time consuming exercise mandated by HR, and some employees feel they are a waste of time. But when you make finding the right talent & developing […]

Why some staff WILL leave you

Zanetti Recruitment and Consulting, Brisbane QLD

It’s not always for the right reason but sometimes no matter what you do, it’s inevitable. Working conditions, salary level, conflict among staff, moving to a new location, career progression not available, head-hunted, recognition and reward above salary, lack of autonomy, respect and more could be sited as reasons. As a small business owner, management, […]

It’s not about the money!

What makes for a good work environment. There are a whole series of factors. The physical working environment, leadership behaviour, open communication, team work, recognition, reward, continuous professional development & education and more. But be very clear: It is about the money too! If a potential candidate states it’s not about the money, then pay […]

Hospitality one day, guiding financial futures the next!

Want to learn from a successful career transition to financial planning? I recently sat with someone who chose to transition from another industry and pursue a career in financial planning. Having been successful in running businesses for 11 years, he started a journey of investigation, made the decision to complete the Advanced Diploma of Financial […]

Two important questions about your job!

Two important questions about your job! Am I adding value? Do I feel valued? A business leader of a large listed entity recently shared with me: “over the last 22 years, these are the questions I regularly asks myself about the role I perform”. By asking these two questions on a periodic basis, he has […]